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  Reservation without Deposit...
- Reservations accepted without guarantee deposit are subject to availability at check-in time.
  Guaranteed Reservation (Worldwide)...

-Guaranteed reservations require a minimum of TWO NIGHTS deposit for Premium and High Season bookings (see note below) and a minimum of ONE NIGHT deposit for Low Season bookings.
-For reservations in Premium Season with a stay longer than 3 nights or High Season with a stay longer than 5 nights, WE WILL REQUIRE A HIGHER DEPOSIT (you will be informed of our requirement which will be calculated according to the total number of days you want to reserve).

Reservation with Card (Visa or MasterCard):
-To guarantee a reservation with a Credit/Debit Card you must fill all the information requested in our reservation form. [CLICK HERE] to view and download form. DO NOT send form until we had processed you reservation request and we ask you for it, otherwise it will be discarded.
Note: PDF Reader required to open fillable form. If you don't have a PDF reader, you can download it free from the left menu.

Policy on credit/debit card charges for reservations - Please read

The guarantee is handle as a "check-in retention" blocking that amount from your card. If you fail to show-up or you don't cancel the reservation on time, the "check-in retention" will be applied as a regular charge and the amount will be due by you as agreed on the authorization form. We will exercise the right to refuse the card if the form is not properly filled or it's incomplete, card does not pass verification or doesn't accept the check-in, or its expiration date is prior to your incoming date.
=> If reserving with a Debit Card we may apply the charge immediately in place of a "check-in retention"

*Reservations with card for groups and tours, only with approval from the management (check with us).
For SPECIALS (PROMOTIONS) announcing the best rate with payment in "Cash only", you can reserve with a credit card and then settle your account in cash to get the benefits.

Reservation with Bank Deposit or Transfer (Only within Mexico):
-Please get in touch with us so we can send you the required information and instructions (Bank's name, branch, account number for deposit or transfer, etc).
Reservation with Deposit in Stores (Only within Mexico):
-Please get in touch with us so we can send you the required information and instructions (Name of convenience stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, account number for deposit, etc).
IMPORTANT: Do not make bank or store deposit until we can process your reservation request and we ask you for it (you'll be informed of the amount and deadline for deposit).

  Conditions for Cancellation... (Please read)

-Cancellations MUST BE MADE prior to the minimum required days according to season, otherwise GUARANTEE DEPOSIT IS FORFEITED (Penalty charge).
Cancellation Deadlines:
*Cancellations for dates within PREMIUM Season:  A minimum of 28 days notice PSAD*
*Cancellations for dates within HIGH Season:  A minimum of 10 days notice PSAD*
*Cancellations for dates within LOW Season:  A minimum of 3 days notice PSAD*
*Cancellations for SPECIALS DEALS:  A minimum of 7 days notice PSAD*
PSAD = Prior to scheduled arrival date (date when lodging reservation begins).
Cancellation requirements are based in the fact that we are a small hotel and we can not afford to turn away guests while holding a confirmed reservation that for whatever reason it's canceled at the last minute. We hope that you understand the necessity of this policy and its deadlines. Cancellations made prior to the minimum time required as stated above, will receive a Cancellation Code and the "check-in retention" will be removed from card (the bank/company that issued your card may take 3 to 5 working days to process it) or amount will be refunded if it was deposited/transferred to our account. Please avoid loosing your deposit for not canceling your reservation in time if for some reason you must do it.

  When to Reserve?...

-It's impossible for us to recommend how early in advance you should make a reservation because we are a small hotel and consequently within a short period of time we may close dates fast if we receive a large volume of reservation requests. Our only suggestion will be that if  we are your lodging choice and you are already set on your vacation dates, to reserve as soon as possible specially if it's for Premium Season, High Winter Season or Long Weekends.

  Is this your first trip to town?...   (Please read)

-A few people that come to our tourist resort for the very first time and for a extended vacation, sometimes book in advance a long stay (two weeks, a month, etc.) but with the idea to look and shop around for other options of lodging once they are here. Small hotels are badly hurt by this type of practice because they may turn reservations down for lack of space and suddenly they could end up with an empty room. If that is your plan with us, please DO NOT DO SO! Rather, reserve only for a few days to give you time to make up your mind; that way if you decide to move you won't hurt our business and we won't hurt your pocket (see Conditions on Cancellation above). We really appreciate your cooperation and understanding on this matter.


Send E-Mail

Higos N° 4 (Plaza Los Faroles)
Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico  CP40890
Tel.  (52)  755.554.0662 & 755.554.0661
Information & Inquiries by Phone: 9:00am to 9:00pm (Local time)  

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